John and his workers did a fantastic job on my medical office buildout project. I was lucky that he was able to take on my project shortly after I contacted him, and he immediately got to work on permitting, ordering custom windows, and demolition. Have support walls needing reconfiguration? Piece of cake for John and his team. Need bathrooms where there aren't any? He knows how to get it done lickity split. He followed the architect's plans to a T and even suggested workarounds when it turned out the drawings were off. He dealt with unanticipated foundation issues, coordinated getting the entire building up to fire code, and passed all inspections with flying colors. What impressed me most was that he knew how long the project would take and got it done in exactly that amount of time with great quality and to village code, allowing us to take occupancy with enough time to comfortably move in and prepare to see patients. Though his experience and expedience come at a premium, I found John to be a very professional and fair contractor to deal with. I highly recommend John and anticipate using him for future projects.

    Jay K.

      As a new business owner, finding a general contractor was just one of the many stressful tasks that came along with the process. I happened to come across NCH General Contractors INC through a general internet search. After reaching out to inquire about my project, I was overly impressed with the prompt response that I had received. Every minute following that initial interaction was nothing short of that. John and his team were punctual, hard working, kind and beyond knowledgeable. They without a doubt exceeded my expectations. Working with this company was a saving grace for my business and I truly could not have begun this process without them. I highly recommend working with NCH General Contractors INC for any project that you may endeavor.

    Caitlyn W.

      John is excellent contractor. He got the job done as you expected and more. Highly recommended if you want your construction goes smoothly and finished in time. Thanks John for helping me to build up my shop in Carol Stream.

    Tai T.